Meet Cliff Hart



I was born in Forrest City, Arkansas and moved to Wynne at the age of four. I attended Wynne High School and graduated from Arkansas State University (1984) with a degree in Business Management. I have lived and worked in Batesville, Newport, Jonesboro and Searcy most of my career. I have been a small business owner, husband and father for over 20 years. My wife, Rhonda, and I had the opportunity to move back to Wynne in 2020 to help care for my aging mother and my step dad.


Pre-K, higher education, and elder care are some of the biggest issues for the people of Arkansas. Addressing these issues will allow effective participation in our economy. I understand the importance of a robust economy for Arkansas. Promoting 21st century agriculture, small business ownership, and the removal of barriers to that ownership will strengthen our economy. The new cash crop of Arkansas lies in the production, distribution and marketing of hemp, cannabis and CBD. These products are in great demand. It is imperative that Arkansas farmers have the freedom to grow cannabis and hemp to reap the revenue from a proven renewable natural resource. We should enhance our revenue streams by legalizing, taxing, and regulating cannabis and industrial hemp production.  This will help keep our economy growing and provide the jobs and revenue to keep Arkansas fiscally strong for future generations.  Elect me as your next State Senator so we can lead Arkansas in a fiscally responsible, business-friendly manner.